Design is not about "less is more"
but about being obvious.

- David Ericsson

Designer of the Year
Designer of the Year Form Award

Årets Designer – David Ericsson med Petite för Gärsnäs

“In recent years, David Ericsson has emerged as one of his generation’s most exciting designers. With the neat Petite chair, he has created an everyday contemporary classic that combines a reduced style with ingenious details: especially in the joins of the back-plate and legs. You don’t always have to shout to be heard over the noise.”

”På senare år David Ericsson klivit fram som en av sin generations mest spännande formgivare. Med den nätta stolen Petite har han skapat en nutida vardagsklassiker som förenar ett reducerat formspråk med ett finurligt detaljarbete – särskilt i mötet mellan ryggbrickan och benen. Man måste inte alltid skrika för att höras i mässbruset.”


Petite is a contemporary Scandinavian counterpart to the classical café chairs found in European cafés. A minimalist construction in beech makes it as practical as it is elegant. A focus on details, such as the crafted joints in the back and front legs, gives the chair its unique character. The seat is slightly conical to be neater and the moulded back slat is higher to avoid further support. The simple design makes it just as suitable in the home at the kitchen table as in a relaxed café or restaurant. And since it is both stackable and minimal in design, it requires little space, regardless if it is put aside or in use.

“I have tried to rationalise away all unnecessary areas to reduce the number of components. It gives the chair a cleaner style, while also making it easier to build and uses resources more efficiently.”

Designer of the Year by Form, Form Award

Birch Cabinet / Björksåpet
Birch Cabinet / Björkskåpet

En stilla tid
Stulen från skogen
Det är så det är

- “David Ericsson”

Limited Edition of 99 pcs.

Rising Star Award  

Rising Star Award, Elle Decoration 
Årets Stjärnskott 2017

David Ericsson won the Rising Star Award at the ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2017 for his knowledge of the qualities of wood and respect for craftsmanship that creates furniture made to last a long time.

Thank you Elle Decoration