Thesis Project

"Carl Malmsten made me do it"

The aim with this work is to try to create processes and products deriving from humanist values. My workprocess in this projekt can for me be one way to work in the future. My work could also be a part of the world’s design requirements for good processes and products.

I have developed a humanistic design manifesto that I relate to in my work and based on it, I make wise choices. I have also produced a book about my process that shows my ideals and humane products. The book, manifesto and products form a whole that makes the work more important in a larger philosophical contexts. I have created a book, a cabinet, three chairs, four lamps and a desk. The links are vital between my values and products / book / thoughts.

Everything is linked. I have tried to reach the universe. I have try to find guidence through humanistic values while working with the creative process. This is to me a philosophical standpoint. In order to verify the work process, I have tried to answer to various philosophical choices, choice of materials, choice of cultural values and choices in life that I have as a human being. This work is a humanistic philosophy of design projects.