Enno is a working desk for the new generation, suitable both for modern offices and contemporary homes. The linoleum surface gives a gentle skin-like feeling to the user. A storage in natural linen webbing on the side for your personal belongings, like a bag, books, sketches or whatever comes in mind. The Enno working desk dares to take a stand so you better take your job seriously! With round wooden legs and a stable framework, Enno is elegant and straightforward at the same time.
Working with natural and long lasting materials, Enno is handcrafted in our workshops close to Stockholm in the Swedish archipelago.

We decided to introduce Enno as a new addition to Atelier Sandemars col-lection during Stockholm Creative Edition 2021, but Enno has been around
even earlier and actually sets the starting point of our collaboration with David Ericsson, before Atelier Sandemar even existed: the desk was an exclusively crafted piece, made on order and sold around the world.
Since then we developed Enno further and now we can offer the desk in a clever knock-down version, that could come in a flatpack and be easily
assembled at home. With several linoleum choices and birch and oak for framework, the customer has near endless possibilities of expressions.