David ericsson

"For me is the Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) important because we are living in a time of change. Everything just goes faster and faster. So we need to focus on the Zeitgeist to be able to develop good and interesting products.
Products that not just only fit the market for a short period of time, our services should remain for a long time and evolve by time to fit our new needs of our environment".

- David Ericsson


David Ericsson Design Studio Sweden

+4670 606 78 50


Prizes and nominations:
Designer of the year 2024 by ELLE Decoration
Designer of the year 2022 by Residence 
Designer of the year, nomine 2022. byrum.se
OONA” - Furniture of the year by Sköna Hem 2020
Pinzo” is awarded the MIAW - MUUUZ International Awards 2019
“Pinzo” - Seating of the year by PLAZA 2019
“Petite” - Chair are the Swedish winners of the Sustainable Chairs design competition 2018
“Petite” - Sköna hem, Furniture of the year award 2018 nomine
Designer of the Year by FORM Magazine 2018

Elle Decoration, Rising Star Award of the year 2017
“Madonna” - Elle Decoration, Chair of the year award , 2016
“Madonna” - Årets Rum, Furniture of the year award, 2016
“Madonna” - Residence stora form pris, Furniture of the year award 2015
“Madonna” - Sveriges arkitekter,  Guldstolen 2015 nomine
“Madonna” - Sköna hem, Furniture of the year award 2015 nomine