Follow the sun! Deckchair OONA designed by David Ericsson is a robust easy-chair with a wooden seat and backrest and steel construction resulting in armrests. The steel is laser cut with high precision. The wooden planks comes from a single line, so one will almost have the same pattern on the wooden parts, a small detail but with a high visual impact.

OONA is suitable for outdoor or indoor use. The deckchair will be available in different combinations of wood and colors. David found his inspiration for OONA at his summerhouse, where he felt the lack and need of reclined outdoor seating. First sketches appeared in his sketch book in the spring of 2019.  He shared his ideas with Atelier Sandemar early in the process. Together we tried to steer it into something long-lasting and intriguing.


OONA - Furniture of the year by Sköna Hem