Although Pepp Chair and Pepp Lounge are made out of durable powder coated steel tubes, which are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, the chairs are kind of light weight. The two legs and rails provide stability and support, while also giving a sense of exhilaration. A distinct graphic line from the top of the backrest to the end of the foot makes Pepp stand out and awakens a memory to other chairs with the same typology. A typology well worth to receive some new love. The handwoven seat and backrest are made out of linen flag line. This natural material gives off a soft and warm feeling, making it perfect for domestic or contract use. Pepp Chair and Pepp Lounge come in 3 different colors. Pepp Lounge is available with or without armrests. Pepp Table consists out of two powder coated steel trestles that carry the table top. We can offer a variety of table tops. From different materials to different measurements. Pepp Table comes in 3 different colors.