The Sand Chair by David Ericsson - Back to the Roots for Atelier Sandemar.

For the upcoming Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2024, Atelier Sandemar introduces the SAND chair, a seamless fusion of crafted sophistication and simplicity. Designed by David Ericsson, the Sand chair is rooted in the charm of classic Ladderback chairs and the ethos of the Shaker movement.

Atelier Sandemar, founded by Martin Altwegg and Lilian de Souza, excels in producing high-quality woodworks. Martin explains, "We aimed to create a chair that is clear and practical for everyday life: beautiful and simple. Lilian adds, "With SAND, we are returning to the roots of our craft. All manufactured in our workshop in the Swedish archipelago, it's a wooden dining chair with various upholstery options, such as webbing or paper-cord. This makes SAND a chair that effortlessly adapts to various styles, from fine-dine restaurants to cafes and homes."

David Ericsson is the creative mind behind SAND. He shares his thoughts on his newest creation for Atelier Sandemar: "What fascinates me about the SAND chair is its adaptability and clear visual language. The backrest, with its solid wood piece, brings warmth and adds quality and detail to the chair. The name SAND, of course, refers to the Sandemar company and its coastal location. I look forward to seeing the SAND chair used in the market and people's homes for many decades."