The Tønder Collection

The Tønder Collection

The Whale Cabinet has hand painted whales by David Ericsson on a cotton aquarelle-paper 640g.
The paper itself is almost self-supporting and very strong. The feeling is unexpected, very sturdy and fragile at the same time.
Birch wood, 8mm glass planes and brass hinges.

David Ericsson was invited to participate in the exhibition of “Hans Wegner A Nordic Design Icon from Tønder” at The Tønder Art Museum.
Too celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hans J. Wegner, along with one designer from each of the Nordic countries.
David Ericsson designed a collection that bears the name of Hans J. Wegener’s hometown Tønder.

“Hans J. Wegner worked both with objects that are produced in a large scale and in a kind of limited edition with very skilled craftsmen.
I contacted a dear friend and a Cabinet Maker Martin Altwegg. Martin is also an Associated Professor Science in Cabinet Making at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies.
So we started a collaboration that explores the high level of craftsmanship.
The Tønder Collection is also a material investigation, to give some new material values to wood, booth physical and philosophical values.
The material are in fact not “new” but maybe not common as a collaborator with wood.” – David Ericsson

Cabinet Maker Martin Altwegg has built The Tønder Collection.

The Tønder Collection was exhibited at
The Tønder Art Museum from the 5th of April – 2th of November 2014.